Effortlessly expand your reach and sell more in Latin America, a potential market of $75billion in sales for 2020 according to Statista with a single partner. A seamless, frictionless experience that removes all the hassle, setup, logistics and problems around opening new markets.

Efficient CrossBorder, is the solution TiendaMIA uses for its frictionless operations.
We can help you achieve the same seamless experience for the user at no extra cost.

Develop your own solution or join an established marketplace. TiendaMia is the leading CrossBorder US-LATAM marketplace that can give you quick access to an e-commerce ready audience in no time.

With Xipron you have the best of both worlds. Access to a proven marketplace like TiendaMIA or a custom-tailored solution to bring your brand experience forward and increase sales.
— Mario Colla-CEO
  • Miami Based warehouse simplifies your shipping

  • No customer service cost

  • International and local logistics are covered

  • Forget local currencies, you only charge and get paid in USD

  • Zero fraud risk, we manage and take ownership of this

  • No international returns, we manage this logistics

A vendor friendly end-to-end solution optimized for each Market with strong focus on Argentina, Brasil, Uruguay, Perú, Colombia and Chile.